Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kindergarten? Really?

Kindergarten? Can it even be possible? I had to call the school yesterday to register "Baby Lyza" for kindergarten! It choked me up a little bit talking to the school secretary (she is a family friend)... just hard to believe I will be putting my baby on the bus everyday and entrusting her to someone elses care all day for an entire school year. At least now with Preschool I can keep her home when I want or drive 2 miles up the road and get her whenever I want! She will have fun though, she'll be going with my best friend Lynette's little one, Olivia....and also a few church friends, a few friends from Preschool and one friend from MaMaw Sharons! Yes... Lynette and I will be putting them on the bus that first day and following the bus to school then escorting them into their first day of school. We are crazy moms like that. Oh well! ;-) Kindergarten Round Up is March 9th. Lyza loves to ride the that part doesn't worry me, it is just that everytime she has been on the bus I have been on it with her! Hoping Caitlin will ride the bus with her the first few days of school..... and having Cody to ride with her daily will help too. Hopefully he won't let anyone pick on her!
Lyza this morning before PreSchool
Lyza and "Wiley" before PreSchool this morning
My how she has grown since we brought her home on June 7, 2007!

Lyza has been infatuated with the Chihuahua movies for quite some time now. Just so happens...Dunnie had one! Her name is "Maisey"...however Lyza spells it Maizye and writes it on her papers at school everyday along with drawing her with BIG ears. They almost look like rabbit ears when she draws them...... she loves this Chihuahua I must say! It is a good little dog, never barks....sometimes I forget it is even here. She is about 5 yrs old.
Our Newest Addition since my sweet Macey died...."Wiley". Ya just never know where you are going to find Wiley.....but I guess he likes the barbie mansion pretty well!
"Layla"....this is Dunnies Boxer.....she is the sister to my boxer from a previous little. They look almost identical except mine is a bit smaller (but catching up really fast) and mine has more white on her face. I don't know why I say mine and his....I guess they are all "ours" now! ;-)
"Rosebud"..... this is my...I mean "our"..6 month old Boxer pup and Lyza named her "Rosebud" off the Air Buddies movies. Rosebud is the only girl pup on there. Kinda ironic because we had a boxer growing up and her name was "Rosie". We loved that dear precious boxer....that is why I wanted one of my own so bad!

So yep...we have quite a few dogs between the two of us.... well, four and only "Wiley" is in the house full time. Maizye and Rosebud stay in at night (Rosebud in a kennel) and of course I still have SMOKEY the cat! Lazy as ever and has acted like we never even moved. Guess he is used to this moving around stuff now!
Blessings to all and hope you have a wonderful week! I have just about EVERYTHING put away now! What a stressful few weeks it has been and I was so sore and bruised up from moving stuff, bumping into things (I bruise EASILY) and have just been emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. I woke up today feeling rather chipper though!

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