Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lyme Disease :-(


I have added a new tab under favorite blogs - Titled Lyme-Aid. My friend Lindsey started this blog in conjunction with her adoption blog "The Lord Almighty in Battle" because she was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

My mother was recently diagnosed also with Lyme disease and I have found it is the "sucker of life" out of a person.....just sucks the life and energy right out of her. My life has been nothing less than chaotic since my mother has been diagnosed and I feel I have been little to no help, though I do go up and help clean, just sit and chat....things like that....but just recently found myself in a position to start researching this disease. The doctors say they think she has only had it since last March.....but after noticing how the medicine is taking it's dear sweet time working and all the complications she has had, I can only believe that she has had this for much longer, and she feels the same way as well. Chris and I are just learning to take our lives ONE DAY AT A TIME.......and this added on top of it, my mother not being a woman of GREAT patience ( some patience...but as she gets older, that patience in certain situations is diminishing! Sorry mom) is also learning to take it ONE DAY AT A TIME. Maybe this is God's Way of slowing us all down some....telling us not to take each moment, each day for granted.....but slow down and soak in the good things around us while dealing with the internal (and external) pain that our bodies and minds are enduring right now. It's been one heck of a summer for our entire family it seems.....not a fun one by any means, although we are grateful for many things.......I think we can all admit without shame or guilt it has been one of the hardest summers ever on us emotionally, mentally, physically and healthwise. It has plain sucked, I won't lie.

So I just ask you pray for strength for my friend and my mother as they face each day. Both with entirely different lives......My mother who has grown children and grandchildren she would like to enjoy more often....and Lindsey just staring out in motherhood. Each day is a challenge and much inner strength, peace and answers are needed. So if you think about it....send up a prayer for those in need, who often don't think twice about this disease until you are hit with it or have a family member/friend who is dealing with it.

Thank you!!!

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