Saturday, September 25, 2010

Things that keep me going back for more.....

Below you will find some wild and wacky photos.....and these are the reasons I want to go "home" so often and so badly. Yes...this crazy chaotic mess I call my "family" and "friends"....who are as close as family can get. "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves" as says a plaque by my computer that my "red headed" friend Lynette in the pictures below gave me one year for my birthday. My list of photos could go on forever of cousins, aunts, uncles and people who just fit right in as if they are kin. I'm blessed, that is the conclusion I've come to. I am proud to call this wild and wacky "mess" my family". We may not always agree or see eye to eye, but we always have each others backs, and we can always find words of encouragement and comfort to give when one of us is down and life just isn't going the way we had planned for the moment. We all have lots of these "moments" in our lives...... I've come to realize it is normal to feel some of the things I have been feeling, and with good reason. I've come to realize also that I am not alone.....that the ones closest to me have gone through similar situations, they know how to give advice and listen carefully......that one day one of us might flip the switch and could be going through something similar, causing them to pay a little more attention and offer words of encouragement they might not otherwise say. It is hard to find a blessing when times are so very tough......but if you sit back and look at the big picture of things, you will remember that it has been said God will never give us more than we can handle. I have come to realize God must really want to test me and put me at that very edge of my zone......and then I must pause and remember how much I have, the blessings in my life, the things that aren't going wrong and realize how lucky I am.

Going "home".....back to mama' and daddy's is my refuge. It is where I feel most comfortable and at peace......I'm going to just chalk this up to "that's normal for a female".....regardless if it is or isn't! :-) I can do that, this is my blog! So.....below are just a very slight few of the glimpses of the "things" that keep me going back home for more (chaos). And I do love every minute of that family reminds me of "Everybody Loves Raymond" to a T....there aren't very many moments when we aren't laughing....and laughter is good for the soul I hear! We need that.....we ALL need that.

Blessings to you and all of yours.....and may you find great enjoyment in the midst of your chaos this weekend!

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