Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Praise the Lord for New Beginnings"

What an awesome weekend we had last weekend! We were supposed to end the weekend with going to Holiday World for Chris' company picnic, but that morning grandma called and Lyza had "spilled" everywhere (that is what Lyza calls vomiting) and so we had to go pick her up. We decided we'd had a long weekend and to just stay at the hotel longer as they have an awesome pool and great playground and just let her play and spend some quality time having fun with her. She didn't get sick anymore, only that one incident so who knows what was going on with her! We had a great time playing as you can see from the pic's below. The ones of Chris and I are from the weekend marriage retreat we went to. We learned a lot and took home some very useful tools to apply in our marriage.

This week was a hectic one! On Wednesday I finally went to the dr. and was declared half dead, that is how I felt anyway. I had/have bronchitis, strep throat and a double ear infection. Not a fun trip to the dr. and even not funner at home with a 3 yr old and a husband who is on 3rd shift. I also had a lot of volleyball duties (pic's, high school recognition) and such too that I had already committed to so I carried them out on Wednesday then came home and went to bed, slept the entire night, Chris had to take Lyza to school and then I picked her up, which I am sad to say I barely remember.....I came home, got her lunch, put her down for a nap and fell back asleep myself. I let Ashley take my place coaching my girls in their game on Thurs. We won....thank you Ashley for holding up our undefeated season so far!!!!! I have slept pretty much day and night since then....I've been miserable! I am doing a little better this morning, thus why I am still up I guess. I am supposed to be slumbering in our tent in the living room! The JOYS of teaching a 3 yr old about imagination! I love, love, love it! What fun it is. She did awesome in preschool this week as far as I'm told......although on Tues she did tell me the only snack she got were "Dog Treats".....and she hasn't changed her story yet. I know budget cutbacks and all.....but come on, feeding the children dog treats....that's going a bit overboard in my mind! LOL (this is the preschool I used to teach at....and no, I am positive she didn't really get dog treats, but in her 3 yr old mind she, therefore.....we all know not to argue with a 3 yr old!)

Have a blessed weekend and I will try and get some volleyball pic's up soon!!

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