Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Photography Credential - Lyza is at it again!!!

Lyza is at it again with her cuteness! Please check out Miss Priss TuTus at

http://www.missprisstutus.com/pages/PhotographersCorner.php .

I was excited to get the email yesterday saying they wanted to use her photograph in her TuTu for her birthday on their photographers corner for advertisement....mainly because I love getting the credit for taking the photos, which is important in starting a new business. The link under her photo will take you directly to my website, which is still a work in progress! She is cute...and funny....so that does help....you can't help but love her with the personality she has!! So....congrats to Lyza for making it in another advertisement. I'm thinking I need to move to the East or West Coast soon to get some modeling contracts???? Ha! For this advertisement I got the credits, plus I get a discount on any TuTus that I would need for her in the future! They are really cute TuTus and she makes them for some of the "Stars" children too...she has a wonderful set of credentials herself!!!

Last night Madisyn slept with me. Somehow we were woken up in the middle of the night, thining it was time to get up and go to school. We were both in pretty deep sleeps. I asked her what time Chris' clock said and she replied "There must be something wrong with it, it only says 12:30". So I asked her what time her cell phone said (she uses that as an alarm clock) and said, well, it says 12:30 too! So we were both happy that we had only been asleep 3 hrs ( we konked out EARLY) and still had the rest of the night to rest!! I love it when that happens.

It really seems the all natural medicines are working for me! Sleeping is going great (and that's what I was worried about most!!! But my mood has gotten better, my patience, etc. So far, So good and I am very thankful! Hope they continue to keep on working. It just feels better not to be putting so much "medicine" in my body!!!

Got Madisyn off to school at 6:50 am this morning. Tonight is her last game...it is an away game, so a friends mom is bringing her home. Wrestling Lyza at those games is just WAY to hard on me and my back!!! I braided her hair in french braids and she was good to go. She did call at 9:30 am, just as I was getting out of bed and asked if I could bring her gym uniform to her......she gets points deducdted if she doen't have her uniform, so I took it down there with money stuffed in it for snacks at tonights game! Chris is on an odd shift again today...got home around 8:30 am, and has to be back at 5:00 pm......then goes back at 9 pm tomorrow night and then he is done for a full three days!!!! NASHVILLE, HERE WE COME........JEN AND GREG, HOPE YOU ARE UP FOR THIS....LOL!!! WHAT A GREAT TIME WE ARE GOING TO HAVE!



Susan Warren said...

Congratulations to Lyza on her TuTu photo! Glad the natural meds are working for you. Have a wonderful time in Nashville!

Patti said...

What a cute little model! I'm gonna have to buy Sydney an infant tutu from Miss Priss TuTus.