Saturday, February 28, 2009

We are in Nashville with our bestest buds....Jen, Greg, Tori and Gabe!!!! Lyza and her boyfriend Gabe hit it off right away....a few tiffs over toys...but they swam well, played well and LOVED chasing each other and stuffing tissue paper under the crib for a very long time.....listening to their little laughs was music to our ears.

Tori and Madisyn hit it off wonderfully too......tori slept in our room last night and had a great time in the pool and out to dinner! We love hearing their preteen/teen lauguage and conversations! FUNNY! They are going to have a blast at the Opry Hotel today!!!

Jen, Greg, Chris, and I hit it off pretty darn well too! Did you imagine we wouldn't?? We had a great time at dinner last night, hanging in the pool, kiddie pool with the babies....even in the big pool with all the kids (Greg and Chris included :-)......then fun in the hot tub!!

We are heading out to the Gaylord Opry Hotel for family photo shoots and for me to take pic's of Jen and her family! Should be fun! We are looking forward to it....We'd better go!!!!

Check later for pic's! This vacation meeting our best friends finally is SUCH a blessing!!!!

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Doverhill Darlings said...

I cant wait to see your pics u have to post of the Gaylord. Always wanted to go but never had the chance! have fun & be careful