Sunday, February 22, 2009

** Super Sunday **

The "Princesses"....Madisyn was trying on some of her new clothing to wear to church this morning.....Lyza playing dress up!

And yes....we have a "Princess" Cowgirl also!!! She put on this very large Tu-Tu to ride the horse also! How funny is that??

She loved that her big Sissy gave her one of her "Cowgirl" hats to wear....and it fit :-) Yee - Haw Bucka-wooo, were the most famous words of the day yesterday!

Rose Madisyn got from Chris for Valentines Day!

My little "Bucka-roo" never ceases to amaze me. The little one has picked up SO much over the past several weeks. She talks non-stop and is even telling us what she wants and needs now...while it is over the top is kinda sad, my baby is growing. There is a Wonder Pets episode "Wonder Pets Save the Armadillo"....and on the same show is "Wonder Pets Save the Itsy Bitsy Spider"........yes, she has watched it WAAAYYY to many times, she knows the entire shows WORD FOR WORD and even acts out the motions and gives the southern accent and all. It is so cute.....Chris, Madisyn and I were laughing our butts off watching her last night. Although it is too long for me to tape on my camera.....I am going to tape it on our is just something else!! It was actually an episode "On Demand" but was going off the air over the weekend so I had Chris tape it on a VCR tape (shhhh, don't tell!).

Yesterday we got a beautiful snow most of the morning. This just gave all of us an excuse to stay in our jammies most of the day and be a bit lazy!!! It was nice....... Chris and I did get out and go to Target in the afternoon. Lyza needed water wings for our upcoming trip to Nashville with Jennifer and family. She can swim alone with them...she's a little fish! Our hotel is super nice and has a little kiddie pool along with an adult pool also....and hot tub of course!!! I simply cannot wait!

Madisyn has been reading the last book in the Twilight series and I can hardly get her out of her room and stop reading it. Hope she is done with it soon, as she wants to do nothing else but hide out and read! Which isn't a bad thing....I'd just like to see more of her! :-) She did babysit Lyza while we ran to Target yesterday which was much appreciated!

I have been "All Natural" on the meds for two days now. So far, so good I think. The first night I slept ok.....yesterday I had a lot more energy than normal, which was great.....I did sleep ok last night, but I got up at 4 am and did dishes and put together two photo albums :-) Then went back to bed at 5:30. I am getting ready to take a hot bath now, as I still ache in the back some from tht massage. I did find a holistic Dr....all natural that I am contemplating making an appt. with. I think my mother may too. We'll see. I am going to go back to bed for a bit after my hot bath....then we are headed off to church 2nd service!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

New info to be comging about my Photography Website soon.

I am in the process of getting it finished....I have just had a ton of bookings for the year and so I really need to get that done!



Vanessa said...

I hope you continue to feel better in the coming days on the natural things!! Sometimes those meds can really do more harm to your body than good!
The girls are cute as always!!

Becky said...

Tu-tu funny! A cowgirl princess! If anyone could pull that off it is Miss Myza.

Anonymous said...

Yours pics of your girls are always so cute! Kailye is reading the Twilight books also. She's always laying in bed reading. Must be good books....

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that tu-tu it is adorable I would love to get one for LaRissa!

Debbie said...

Cute pictures, I love her TUTU did you make it? Your daughters are so pretty!!