Friday, February 20, 2009

What a Night......

I was pleasantly surprised to find a package at my door this morning from Vitamin World. I called yesterday to check on my order for my "All Natural" new medicine regime and was told it would ship out I figured I would get it on Monday. They were was already shipped and arrived this morning! of this morning, I am "All Natural"! I will keep you posted on how this goes. I can say that I took the nightly medicines about 1 hr ago and I do feel pretty drowsy....we'll see if I am able to fall asleep or not!

Tonight Madisyn and I had a mother/daughter evening! Chris took Lyza to G.G. and Grandpa Mark's for the evening so Maddy and I could have some alone time. The first great thing was I went to pick up photos from Walgreen's and the lady told me that she would not be able to give me the photos until I had a release signed from the photographer because they looked to be professional photos. I kinda smiled and said, "I AM the photographer"....and she didn't really believe me. She asked what kind of camera I used, etc. I had to show her a business card and she STILL made me sign a release "just in case"! Ok...kinda annoying, but a great compliment I believe. They were actually enlargements of winter photos I took of Maddy and Lyza....and some of Amanda and Jonathan's wedding that I am putting in my portfolio! Too funny.

Then I surprised Madisyn and took her to get a pedicure and her nails done (yes, I got mine done too). I got mine done in black with silver tips and silver flower....(yes, got this idea from Trish...her's looked good so thought I would try it)....Madisyn got hers done in bright blue with yellow dots to match her school colors!! She had a little bit of her own money and I had a little leftover for what we had set aside for summer clothing so we went to the mall and she got a few more outfits for this summer. I treated myself to a massage...and it felt OH SO GOOD! My sister in law is a massage therapist and she is GOOD, but she is 1.5 hrs away! They really worked on my joints and trigger points and it felt so good! We then had a bite to eat at the mall.....then went to pick up Lyza! What a great way to start the weekend! We had a good time.

This time next week we will be in Nashville with Greg, Jennifer, Tori and Gabe! UNREAL, finally....we are going to meet and stay the entire weekend. I am so excited! She has a countdown ticker on her blog....which I think is very funny and very cute. Who would think one would get so excited about a weekend vacation??? Well, us....we got rooms with sleep number beds, it has a kiddie pool, adult pool, hot tub.........and US! We are going to visit the Gaylord Opry Hotel one day also....our hotel is just across the street! Fun, Fun!!!

Below are photos of Lyza yesterday. She got up at 6 am, which is unheard of in my house. She normally sleeps until about 9:30 am (yes, I know I am lucky...and she even slept until 10 am this morning!). She fell asleep about 9 am on this day.....completely covered up...she always does this and no matter how many times I move the covers off her head, she always puts them back. She does not like the light at all!!! So...this is how I found her, tried to uncover her, then as you can see, she covered back up. I thought I would sneak in a little nap also and as soon as I laid down, she was up 15 min it was a very short nap, but she fell asleep in the afternoon for another couple of it all worked out! Thank goodness for Coffee!!!

Lyza....she is in there, under that pile of blankets!
I tried to uncover her!!!

But...she covered right back up! She is such a funny kid!!!


Becky said...

I'd say that is a HUGE compliment to have sign the release at Walgreens - you are definitely on your way.
How exciting! You are finally going to see Jennifer and family. Have a good time!
Yay, Lyza kinda scared me too with that all covered up thing. Funny girl!

Christy said...

Misty, I too sleep all covered up!! Always have.

Have fun next weekend! We stopped at Gaylord last time we were there & checked it out. It is really nice!