Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~~ This and That ~~

First of all, it is not often that I get accolades such as touching as the one Amanda left for me on her blog:

Thank you Amanda.....that was SO very sweet and it is so nice to hear something nice about yourself once in awhile! You brought tears to my eyes.......thanks again, you are a jewel!!!

I think things are getting back to normal at my house.......whatever "normal" is I guess!

Week before last my regular dr. told me to start taking the hormones that my OBGYN told me to start taking nearly a year ago. The side effects were crazy, so I just did not bother. The night sweats have gotten out of control...with a few other, I decided I would go ahead on them. ESTRATEST for anyone interested. They have estrogen and Testosterone in them. I had a hysterectomy when I was 24, but they left my ovaries. A year ago they determined one ovary was completely ate up with endometriosis and the other about 50%. So that is why the hormone replacement therapy. LONG story feet, knees, hands, face started to swell about 4-5 days after taking my first the tune of 15 whopping lbs! JUST what I needed, more weight! So....I called urgent care and they told me to go off them immediatly. The next morning I had a splitting headache, so while Christopher had me propped up in bed with ice packs on my feet and knees....cold wash cloth on my forehead I asked for an excederin for the headache. I couldn't swallow was stuck and nothing was going down, and nothing up. It was trapped. Very throat was swollen he finally just shoved his finger down my throat and pulled it out. He called my dr. immediatly and they put me on water pills and benedryl for the throat swelling. I"m happy to say as of yesterday I fit back into my jeans and other clothing and the 15 lbs DID come off. I was worried......all I needed was another lb to worry about!!!

After hitting 30, it really did seem like things in my body started going downhill. The weight issues, joint issues, flexibility issues, has been one thing after another! All dr.'s want to do is prescribe Pain Killers, Epidural Injections, Ambien, name it. So I am finally going drug free ( once my vitamins from Vitamin World arrive) and am going to try and detox myself and go all natural. I ordered a pretty good list and did a lot of research as to what I thought I might need. After all, it is MY body......I think I know what I need more than they do sometimes. So....I'll keep you posted on how it goes. If I'm a babe in a bikini by summer, you'll know it worked :-)) DO NOT hold your breath though! HA!

Lyza had her sleepover at Becky's this weekend and I told you about the "Horsey" and I just had to have one for her. Well....we went to a playdate with Anna and Miss Amy yesterday and LOW and BEHOLD she had one that she wanted to get rid of! for FREE!!! Just my luck. Funny thing is, we put it in my SUV and when I got home, the new one was already on my porch fed ex'd overnight. I bought it new off ebay, so there is no returning. Oh well......we were going to give it to Jen for Gabe....but I don't think it would be worth the hassle of taking apart the old one and taking it all the way to Chris wants to keep it so we can pull it out of the barn when we have bonfires, campouts, etc!! Great Idea. She sure does like it though. The first picture is the new, soft plush one that sings, gallops, eats and other things. The second picture is the one from Amy who also gallops, eats and says "OHHHH, that feels good) when you hit his scensory button on his mane! (Sounds very FRISKY if ya know what I mean)!

I think Maddy Moo is glad to be home. As soon as I picked her up we went shopping, then out to eat, then shopping again at a few of her favorite stores and she got a few summer things. I think the best part was she got the last Twilight Book she wanted, the soundtrack and bookmark as a Valentines gift from me! She got a rose from Chris!! Homemade cookies from Lyza!!!

We had a good night.....laughed a lot and it was good to have her home. Chris is on odd shifts and got home at 4 am and put the NEW horse together while he waited to put Maddy on the bus at 6:45 am and then he came to bed. He even took Maddy to dance class tonight for me....and took Lyza so I could have an hour of peace! I needed to clean some, shower, do some bible study.....and ahhhhh, lit every candle in the house and just enjoyed the quiet. That is unheard of for me.

Thanks Baby....I LOVE you for doing that for me!!!


Lyza OLD Horsey

Lyza NEW Horsey


Angie said...

Can't wait to hear if your new regimen of druglessness works!

Becky said...

That looks like one happy cowgirl with not one, but TWO horseys! What a beautiful smile.

Hope things get better for you in the hormone department. Doesn't not sound like fun at all!

Vanessa said...

Girl I know your pain!! It's NO fun when hormomes go array!! I've been battling it for years due to PCOS and got some pretty disappointing news last week and I'm seeing a new doctor for a second opinion on Monday!! Hopefully things will work out!!

Laura Raber said...

Hey...sorry to hear about the reaction to the meds! Yikes! I take Premarin & Celexa together as part of my menopause treatment and it works great for me! So blood pressure's in check now? Hope you feel much better very soon!!

Amy said...

Oh how cute is that new horsey! I am glad you got it too! No one at my house has said anything about our missing horsey. Did I tell you his name is Shadow? Although when I told Nathan that Shadow was gone he was pretty excited! I hope Lyza gets as many hours of enjoyment from Shawdow as we did. (In light of Shadow's "frisky" talk I feel as if I may have just made some inappropriate comments!) YEE HAW!
Hope the vitamins work for you!