Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday "Grandparents"

Thanks to here is this weeks theme of "Grandparents". I cannot seem to locate on folder that has more, so I will work on that. Also below you will find Lyza getting her first "hair relaxing treatment". It turned out soooo soft and for the first time since she was 6 mos, I was able to put a large tooth comb through it! It did not puff way back up, however, I did fluff it a little myself cause she just looked to weird! :-))
Stay warm, enjoy the snow and the family time!


Kim & Dave said...

Love the pics!!! & I love her hair-either way!!!

Becky said...

Lyza's hair looks so cute!

Hannah said...

Great pictures! The relaxer picture is pretty funny...her expression is priceless.
I love her's so adorable!