Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Women saying Yes to God"

  • Excerpt from " What Happens When Women Say Yes to God"
  • Lord, help me to lower my head past my selfishness and pride, past desiring others to serve me and on to serving others, past wanting more and on to giving more, looking past me and looking to be in search of you. Help me always desire the lowered head, full of YOUR fruit and consumed with YOUR presence. Help me to be forever mindful of my ministries at home as well as the ministry opportunity past my mailbox!
  • So often we think there is so little we can do to help others....those right here in our backyard and those hundreds, thousands and continents away! Truth is, there are opportunities everywhere we look....whether it be visiting the elderly in the nursing home, taking food to shut ins or friends who are not feeling well..... to the approach that seems to appeal to me, heading out to a foreign country to help spread the word of God, to love on orphans who have no one.....or like my husband, to foreign countries to do actual hard manual labor digging wells just so others can have water. WATER, something I know that I take for granted every single day. Ministering to a child, a friend or a co worker....is a great start. You never know when you may say "just the right thing" to set off that spark in their heart to uplift their day, their week, or their future. The need is out there my friends.....in BIG ways and in SMALL ways....find your purpose, find yourself and just GO FOR IT. Don't let anything hold you back. God WILL provide!

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