Monday, January 25, 2010

Seeking Approval??

  • Do you ever feel like you are always seeking approval from others? I have felt this way most of my you are not alone.

Why is it that we think we must "say the right things", "do the right things", "try to appease everyone in the room, all at the same time"? All God really wants is for us to just be "us". YOU are a unique YOU, quirks and all..... without those "quirks", You....would not be YOU!

We all have some sort of background, both good and bad that has shaped and molded us into who we are. Some of those things are hard to let go of....personally, one of mine was being sent into the military. did me a lot of good, it made me grow up pretty quickly and now looking back at my time served, I wouldn't take a minute of it back. However, I will admit I went for all the wrong reasons, certainly not reasons that I would now join the service for. I felt pushed into it, and frankly....very if I were not good enough, therefore....sent away! Wow...that was hard for me to say and I don't think I've ever said it that way before. Sometimes we have to dig deep in our roots though, to get to the root of some of our problems.

I have been looked down upon and frowned upon for failed marriages, making commitments that I failed to keep, speaking when I should have kept my mouth shut, adopting internationally when people think I should have adopted domestically, moving homes to often, being unsettled for so long, changing careers......WOW, my list of faults could go on and on.

Why is it though, those faults always seem to get pointed out and the positive things are so hard to compliment or speak to someone? Out of all the above mentioned things, miracles happened and good things came from them. We learn from our mistakes...we grow from our mistakes. We are human and God intended for us to grow, learn, make mistakes, ask for forgiveness, forgive, forget and move on. I tend to think I'm a pretty diverse girl for the hardships I have endured, the people I have encountered along my journey and the compassion I have grown to have for others less fortunate.

I also have a couple too many cats......who cares?? My closets aren't organized.....who cares?? My basement is a catch all and a wreck....who cares? I don't think God cares....I think he may think, hey really should get that basement cleaned out and give all that junk to the less fortunate!

~~ Until Next time....... just be yourself! I am! :-)


Hannah said...

Awesome post. I am pretty good at not seeking approval... or at least I think I am until someone goes out of their way to let me know they don't care for me. Then it really bothers me more than I'd like to admit until finally I work through it and move on.

Angie said...

Great post!

The Blog Cafe said...

I love this post. I think all of us are feeling this.. well maybe not the ones judging us... but we should say it! I am sick of people judging me because I am not what they expected for their son or for a SIL..well maybe YOU aren't what I expected for a MIL or BIL/SIL.
But thats okay, cuz no-one is perfect. Except my BFF MISTY!! I love you and love that you had the guts to do something I dont have the guts to post! We all make mistakes, learn from them and move on and make more!
I'd love to see how many have the guts to comment that have NEVER made a mistake, had a REGRET or JUDGED someone, EVER!!!
Misty is the sweetest, most giving person I know and I hope one day to grow up to be just like my BFF!! I love you Misty!!