Saturday, January 30, 2010


I woke up from my sleep study this morning to find about 7" of snow on the ground, some weather reporters are reporting a bit more....but most reported 7" right around our aread. I swear there is not a snow plow in Evansville....I had to drive from the East side back home and there was no median, it was dark and I am NOT a good driver (in the snow or otherwise!). But, nonetheless I did make it home around 6:30 am and even got a cup on hot chocolate at McDonald's on my way home. The sleep study room was VERY a hotel room, however, I don't feel as if I slept a bit because I am a stomach sleeper and it was impossible to sleep how I wanted since I was hooked up to so many things, on top of that...I have a nasty cold and couldn't breathe through my nose 1/2 the night, which kept the machine on its toes because it couldn't pick up me breathing :-))

I came home and slept about 4 hrs.... Madisyn did still have her soccer game, but Chris took her. They lost 3-5.... they'll get em' next time! I took Lyza out to play in the snow just before they got home....then Chris and Madisyn joined us for a little bit.....we then headed in to warm baths, cozy fire and dinner. Tomorrow we are planning on going to the mall around noon, having lunch, playing and then heading to Walther's Monkey Mountain to play with the Guatecuties! Of course Chris, Madisyn and a few of her friends will probably be found playing putt putt golf or laser tag! Should make for a really fun afternoon....I just hope I can breathe by then! It has made for a miserable day!!

Blessings to all!


Guatmama said...

Can you believe not even the 1st flake of snow here! How crazy - enjoy!

Vanessa said...

The snow looks beautiful!!!