Thursday, March 4, 2010

Braggin' on Maddy.....

  • I have really wanted to post all week about our wonderful weekend with "Nonny" and all the grandkids! What a hootin' good hollerin" time we had. Literally.....I don't think any of them know the meaning of "Shhhh" :-)
  • They all came to Evansville since Madisyn had a soccer game. We stayed at Drury Inn and Suites on the East side of town and it was very nice. Light dinner and snacks served (Popcorn and Cola beverages until 10 pm) and a full morning breakfast!
  • We then headed to the Children's Museum (CMOE) and had an awesome time. Chris joined us for this and I am more than sure he was thrilled....he's like a kid himself in those places, one of the many reasons I love him. We then went to Maddy's soccer game where she scored 3 goals!!!! Way to kick Boy Butt!!!!

  • Awesome job Madisyn!
  • So....the real reason for this post is to tell you about "Read Across America". The highlight to Madisyn was the dance teams boy/girl dance that they had been practicing on for awhile (great job Dylan). They did an awesome job, video is below in an older post. They also made up lyrics about books to a popular song that is on the radio!(can't think of the song right now).....after a few educational and informational speeches by the Sheriff, Local DJ, Christian Harley Rider who promotes reading and also helps with clothing Veteras -- Mr. Perry, the Principal-- was escorted into the gym by an entourage of Evansville Police Dept. Cycles. Pretty cute idea!
  • On to the good stuff:
  • Madisyn won awards! She won for most pages read for her grade and recived a $20.00 giftcard to "Borders" bookstore!! She won movie passes, got a certificate and a Medal that she is very proud of! Way to go Madisy. I am so glad you love to read (so do I....and so does Lyza already) We have a little bit different tastes in what we like to read, but some of the stuff is right on cue so we can share!

Again....WaY tO gO mAdIsYn - We ArE sO pRoUD oF YoU!!!!!!

I took Madisyn and Devin to have their nail and toenails done today after school so that Madisyn could use her giftcard! Always nice to treat yourself...and she deserved it!! Cool BRIGHT colors, HUH?

Maddy Moo- Showing off her medal!

Who knew a new pair of sunglasses, bandana and a medal could make a girl so happy!!! That's my girl!!!
She's very proud of that medal, as she should be....she read I "think" 1069 pages in the alloted time frame for that medal!!!

Does she kind resemble Paw in that bandana, glasses and Harley Shirt?????
Yep, I do believe so.....

All her awards.....It was actully Dr. Seuss' Birthday on this day also! I'm thinking 100 yrs, but I could be off on that too!!


I love you to the moon and back!
~~ Mommy


Vanessa said...

CONGRATULATIONS Maddy!! That's a huge accomplishmeny!! Dr. Seuss turned 106 this year, I only know b/c we share a birthday even though I'm justa little bit younger LOL!! HUGS

The Gidcumbs said...

Way to go Maddy!!

Gardenia said...

congrats to Madisyn!!!!!!!