Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a beautiful day....

Spirit Lifter Quote of the Day:
"Live near to God, and all things will appear little to you in comparison with eternal realities"

What a beautiful day it has been! Lyza and I have spent most of our morning/mid morning out in the field just running, playing and giggling! How I love spring and into summer! What a spirit lifter it is to get outside! We have so much going on this weekend and I am so excited! Tonight Madisyn has soccer practice, so while Chris is coaching and Madisyn is playing....I will get to play in the park with Lyza. Thursday Chris is off work and we are getting the gravel to go in our landscaping and putting out all the fun, summer stuff! Hammock, Picnic Table, Sandbox, Summer Toys...etc! We are also on the lookout for a swing set to complete the yard this year! We will also be painting our porch and possibly around all our windows if I can set my eyes on just the right color! I am tossing up between black and hunter green...I just can't make up my mind, and I know it is a semi-permanant choice for many years....so I have to choose carefully.

On Friday we will be heading to Lake Lincoln to spend the day. We intend to take the girls out on paddleboats, hike, Lincoln Memorial, picnic and sand volleyball! We could not get camping reservations...so we will head back home to the Melvin Gardens to set up camp for a couple of nights. The weather is supposed to be soooo nice, so I am really looking forward to the time outside! On Saturday we will be heading to a local egg hunt, believe it or not...this will be Lyza's first egg hunt. I know, I'm a terrible mom!

On Easter Sunday we will head to church and then my parents plan on coming down for the afternoon. It will be nice to have their company and it may just be so nice out that they can ride their motorcycle down!

My blog shall be redone tomorrow as well...and I am looking forward to that! It is always nice to see what Jennifer comes up with......she's so creative! If you need a "Blog Lifter" for the spring/summer....check her out....Just click on "The Blog Cafe" on my side tabs! You can't go wrong.....she's great!

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