Sunday, March 21, 2010

A week in the life of...US! :-)

Our week in photos!!

What a crazy week it has been...and my how it seemed to fly by! Last weekend we kept Juliana and Amaya (Madisyn did)...and we did a nice Easter Photo shoot, but must admit (oh how I hate this part), my camera got left outside, and it rained....therefore, it was ruined, no fixing it and I have been beside myself. Mainly because that was a lot of money down the moneymaker! So...these photos were all taken with Maddy's camera and this weekend Chris and I are on the prowl to get a new one so that I can get back to work!

Brian, Christine, Lia and Lilly....came to visit last weekend and we had a great time with them. Madisyn had her last indoor soccer game last Saturday then turned around and had her first outdoor practice for the Spring Season on Tues.

It was "Spirit Week" at school and I have added pic's of each day of Spirit Week dress up, then my friend Jennifer made a collage for me to print for Madisyn before she left to go to Pennyslvania for Spring Break. It is officially Spring Break, I spent a few days at my parents, no kids.....just me, mom and dad. I am home now though and it was great to walk through the door and see Lyza's smile and her yelling "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy". Nothing like a welcome home wagon like that!

I was so worn out....but Chris and I made it to Rural King to stock up on all the pet supplies and get a few gardening supplies as well.....the free popcorn and coffee is always a perk! :-) Had a pot of Veggie Soup made for dinner last night and then went to Dairy Queen for dessert. Can't top that I guess! I will have many more pic's to post, especially if I get my new camera this weekend or beginning of next week!!

Have a blessed Week!

Lyza's new ladybug plaque with her name and wall hangings. Her room is almost complete now!

Misty and Christine

Little Miss Innocent Amaya.....

Madisyn, Lia and Lilly

Lilly checking out Madisyn's new end of season medal!

Aunt Misty and Lilly....

Lyza and PuppyBear Macey.....oh what wonderful outside play weather we had this week!!!

Lyza getting her feet wet back at our lake....

Juliana, Amaya, Madisyn and Lyza......what a great looking group of girls I have huh?? Oh and Juliana is holding "hooper" the guinea pig! She really needs one of these Becky!!! :-)))

TMS Spirit Week!!!

Pajama Day!


Happy St. Patrick's Day....she looks soooo Irish huh?

My "Irish Girl"...this one for real.....

MisMatched Day......

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