Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lyza's new room!!!

Lyza finally got her new "BuggaBabies... aka Ladybugs" room complete!!! It is sooo cute, don't you think??? It is so bright and cheerful! There are just a few finishing touches to put on it. I am having a custom made Ladybug name plate with her full name "Louisa" made on it and had a three custom made mesh ladybugs to hang on the wall. I ordered three Ladybug wall hangings that I just thought were cute and low and behold they were the EXACT pattern of her comforter set. I am putting a ladybug "L" decal in the middle of her headboard and some ladybug decals around it on the headboard. They are so cute....and I can't wait to get them finished. There is a valance to put up on her curtains also, we just need to get the rod. Wow, and I thought I was almost finished until I just typed all that! I guess it is fun stuff, so it doesn't seem like too much work! She loves her "big girl" bed and even asks to go to bed and take a lucky am I? She loves for Madisyn to lay down with her also and "pretend" sleep......and I'm more than sure she would just let her fall asleep with her at night also! Getting her room done inspired Madisyn to start cleaning her room and getting rid of some junk....I mean "treasures". For this, I am thankful....she really needs to declutter, as she has tendency to save everything under the sun! I think she gets this from me....but I have been on a major decluttering spree also. I even started in on the basement because we intend to finish it up this spring! I've gotten 1/2 half done and it is to declutter the other 1/2 and make it livable! New floors and walls, plus some waterproofing! I will be happy for the extra room!
We have had a pretty awesome day! I have some girls over spending the night with Madisyn.... we had a bonfire tonight and cooked hot dogs and smores. Madisyn had a soccer game today and her soccer party. I took Lyza to the mall to ride the carousel, did a bit of book shopping at the Christian bookstore and ran some other errands! It was 52 degrees today and supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow, so that is putting us all in a better mood!!! I'm ready for Spring.....bring it on baby!!!

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Vanessa said...

I LOVE her new room!! I looked at a lady bug set once but my girls share a room and of course one loved it and the other hated it even more!! So for now we still have princesses..maybe one day they're going to agree or have their own rooms!! LOL!!