Friday, October 28, 2011


Guess who found their birthday present in the closet! The little sneak...oh how I wish she'd seen it at her party. "OOHHHH myyyyy GOOOSSSSHHHH Mom, a a fishing pole"! Too funny! I was really tired of seeing her try to fish with a stick in our lake! SO, my friend Kristie took her fishing last night and bottom pic shows what she got! Little Stinker. (It is blurry, Kristie said she couldn't get her to hold still while she took the pic!)

Just and FYI, do not buy character licensed poles, hers was barbie and is in the trash already. So I guess I will be going to look for a better one this week! Looks like Madisyn will also be getting for one for some great sister bonding time this summer and spring! :-))

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