Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So ya had a bad day.....

Yep....I had a horrible night and a horrible what did I do? I got a dog....yes, that is me...the spontaneous spirit who does things irrationally and without much thinking when I am having a really tough time! Do I regret it.... no, this pup is a keeper! I am actually just fostering him for the humane society with the option to adopt. They even brought him over to my house after work. They think "he"...which is now "Max" is about a year old, terrier mix. I had been wanting a scruffy dog forever and this one just happened to pop up! He has to be someones pet because he is super playful and knows so many commands and tricks. Lyza and I gave him a bath right away and tested his skills! I won't be surprised if I get a call that the owner has been found....but I will not be disappointed if they do not find the owner! He started to play with Macey and Smokey right away...and believe it or not the cat is more willing to share space and tolerance than Macey! Macey is only 4lbs and Max is 10 lbs and MACEY RULES! No doubt about it....she takes his bones, toys, anything he has along with that itty bitty growl! They are both laying at the foot of my bed...sleeping, but with heads in opposite directions so as not to breathe on each other! Macey wants to play, she just isn't so sure about a little dog I think...she has only been around my big dogs!

So, why the rotten day you might ask?? For obvious reasons that I won't state..... but then just a tough day on top of that.... Then my sleigh bed that took 6 weeks to get here finally got delivered was supposed to arrive and be assembled at 9:30 am..... they called and said they would bring it in the evening...then the guy called and was grumpy cause he had to deliver it (I paid for delivery and set up)...and when he got here at 6:30, he first broke my front door, then came ALONE to deliver that heavy bed (no, I wasn't helping...not throwing my back out and that is why I paid them!) to deliver that heavy cherry sleigh bed and I thought he was upstairs assembling it....and he snuck out the front door, I came upstairs and my mattress and boxsprings were laying up against my wall, bed still in boxes and the railings they had brought me gone......GRRRRR. Yes, I should have called for the old geiser to get his butt back over here and assemble it....but it was a fiasco the first time they delivered and this time and I just want them gone and not back in my house! I have a mattress and boxspring on the floor and a huge bed to put together...if there are any volunteers out there, feel free to come and put it together for me! If you are in Evansville, and see an ad in the paper for furniture that seems like a really good deal and private number...please bypass them! The furniture is good, but service was a load of crap and a bit shady I think!

My babygirl was tuckered out tonight, Max was in time out several times and even got told if he didn't straighten up he was going back to the lady! She played with him for a long time then snuck off to her room and I found her about 1/2 hr later comfortably snug in her bed sound asleep with Veggietales playing. Oh how I wish I could freeze time for her. What a jewel she is and what a lucky mother am I to have such beautiful daughters full of love and wonderful spirited hearts!

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