Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lyza Faith....

Here are some of Lyza's darling doings for the week!
Tonight she wanted to practice trick or treating......so I gave her a piece of candy in her bucket and said "You are welcome precious"....she promptly informed me that I am supposed to say "Cool Costume Dude"! :-) ok...so I guess her pajamas were pretty cool tonight!
We have evergreen trees in our backyard by the lake....she insists there are coconuts hanging from it. I told her "Honey, those are too small to be coconuts"...she informed me "Mama...they are just baby coconuts"...so just so ya'll know, we now have coconuts growing in Indiana. She was pretty convincing!
TMI, but...she is notorious for clogging the toilet with too much toilet paper. This morning I sat down (her bathroom) and she yelled at me...."No Mama, you cannot use that toilet"...when I looked I asked her who did that and she immediatly said that "Madisyn did it"....always easy to blame the older sister who is not here.
Before bed she was looking at a picture frame on her nightstand of her and Madisyn. She asked me what it said on the frame and I told her "Sisters"....I said, is Madisyn your sister? She told me no...."Madisyn is not my sister, she is my best friend".... The girl can surely know how to make her mama cry! I miss my Madisyn, more than she will ever know. Countdown is on....one month until both my girls are giggling from their rooms. It could not come any sooner...... I pray for the day that never have to post that I can't wait to hear her giggling from her room....that I can always be grateful to hear it every night. Mama's...hold your babies tight....even if they are 15!

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