Sunday, October 2, 2011

~~ Moved~~

(What would a new house be without a bike crash right away?) te he!

Ok..... Lots of pic's! And not even of every new bed isn't in, I love my room and masterbath but not posting pics until my "real" bed gets here! :-) So, in two days I got just about everything accomplished except for a few misc boxes.....and still a few things at the other house, some clothing still needs put away, but there is always tomorrow! For today we are finally relaxing this afternoon, Lyza has been playing in her sandbox with new sand and toys (I created a mulched area for it)..riding her bike, walking the dog and sitting at the edge of the lake watching the ducks! Beautiful Day Out! And all my landscaping that I am doing for this year is done so...hallelujah! We have both settled in ok....we have at least both slept decent in our new rooms....that is a bit adjustment. The only thing missing is Madisyn and the house will not be complete until she is here to mess up her room!! I can't wait (I know, not many moms say that!).

Again, we are doing well, adjusting(it still may take a bit)....but for now we are just going to make the most of it....and I must admit, I really do like being right on this lake with the ducks and just the serenity of it all. House is neat, clean and new......and I hope it stays like that(I'm a bit picky!).



Guatmama said...

Your new place looks more complete than our place weve been in for years! Very comfortable, can I come for coffee?

Angie said...

Love the new place! How is that water so blue???