Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I don't have too many pic's to post because I am pretty darn sick. I had a really rough night and when I got up this morning I could barely even get out of bed. I managed to get Lyza up and dressed for the "Harvest Party".....totally wanting to bawl my head off cause I couldn't stay there with her.....but I went to Urgent Care instead and had 103.5 fever right off the bat, they gave me something to get it down, but it did not work. They tested for strep, positive. They did a cbc panel and my white blood count was high and he thought maybe it was going into pneumonia. By the time I left the fever hadn't gone down and they talked about admitting me....and I politely talked them out of it. Though I still cannot go to work until Thursday......So I had to miss Lyza's "Harvest Party" and my own classes as well. I know several people took lots of photos for me....oh how I wanted to see my little ones all dressed up! to Target I went to get my meds, take back my costume that I was now not going to wear and am now home waiting on the "sleepy type" meds to kick in then I think I'll just sleep for a few days! Hope so anyway!

I think Lyza will be a ladybug for trick or treating tonight vs the Snow White she was today. I think her daddy is going to take her to the AutumnFest at our church.......which kills me too....I don't get to take her trick or treating! BOO HiSS!


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Jen said...

So sorry you are sick! Thats not fair or fun! REST UP!!! LOVE YOU!