Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Did we have fun in Nashville?? Are you kidding??? We had a blast!!

If you are in the adoption world and have close friends that adopted around the same time or that you were a support to, I highly recommend you meet in person!!! Jennifer, Greg, Tori, Gabe and my family even set up a webcam for the babies to see each other and Tori and Maddy to use. We talk everyday....IM ALL DAY (yes, sad to say) and tell each other everything. We send packages to each other every month also. We've gone just over 2 years now without ever meeting face to face. This was the year for it to happen and truthfully....we all walked in and acted like we had known each other all our lives.....we laughed, we cried, we hugged, we loved watching our children interact! It will forever be etched in our memories!!

I am going to make a smilebox scrapbook to upload to here, so check back tonight for that.....

Thanks to the Wright Family for making it a wonderful year already!! The scrapbook will ONLY be of photos at Gaylord Opry Hotel for this one.

Also....the Family, Chidren, Wedding and Engagement Tabs are done on my Walk by Faith Photography website. Also under "Holiday"......Christmas tab, there are a few there also!

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