Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Melvin Girls....Lyza and Lia

Here are some photos of the "Melvin Girls" on Friday night as Uncle Brian, Aunt Christine, Lia and Baby Girl Melvin came for a visit. Don't let the pic's fool ya.....they didn't share well. Christine, GG, and I got a good laugh out of it, but the dads were a little more stern!! It was a good time....wish we could have seen more of them but I spent part of my weekend at home, which I will blog about tomorrow (I know Trish is reading thinking "Oh Great, amongst other curse words).......My friend Amanda stopped by tonight to visit for awhile and it was such a nice day out....we all sat outside, watched the kids play and catched up on the in's and out's of life!

Enjoy the photos below of our growing girls! They grow too darn fast!!

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Vanessa said...

Now that's two cuties for sure!!