Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Duckies have ARRIVED!!

The "Baby Ducks" have arrived! These are for my spring photo shoots! Are they not adorable?? The look on Lyza's face was priceless...and of course Madisyn picked hers out, named it and is convinced we are keeping it.....!

I am so excited about my photo shoots, fun, fun! Please check out my photography website under the "Upcoming Events" tab for more information...and if you are in our area....give me a shout and I'll set up a date and time for you!

Enjoy the cuteness!!!


Vanessa said...

We LOVE baby ducks at our house!! They're going to be such cute photos! Now all you need is a baby lamb!

Angie said...

They are cute. They grow so fast though.

Patti said...

How adorable!