Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Growing Up McKibben

Out of the mouths of babes! I will say that LaRissa and Lyza have a bond that formed way before Lyza even made her way to the USA!

Lyza now follows her around like a little puppy and repeats Everything she says and Trish and I get a big kick out of it. Saturday night after we left to head back home, friends of ours (Trish's family) had a bonfire. Her mamaw asked her how Lyza was and if she was still "just as pretty as ever"...LaRissa replied "yes, but you know...she is still black. There is one little spot on her cheek that I think is turning white though"...and yes, she was just as serious as she could be. She is one of the most serious 5 year olds I know. They didn't know whether to laugh, correct her or what at this age....but in my eyes, they did the right thing. When LaRissa went in.....they laughed, they got a huge kick out of her innocense and laughter is good for the soul!

 "Growing Up McKibben" is not exactly like "Growing Up Hilton, Kardashian or Jolie" is more like the "Clampits". But I must is hysterically chaotic, insane, dramatic, funny, crazy, breathtaking, and chaotic.....whoops, I said chaotic twice! :-)

In our family.....the dinner conversations are jaw dropping...I have the most smart-ellic father (also redneck I might add) and overbearing (In a good way sometimes) mother! Example: LaRissa left her bike over the bridge that my dad built that goes from their house to the piece of land they are bulding their cabin mom told her to go pick up her bike before she left and LaRissa fell off the bridge and Chris ran to pick her and the bike up. All the while my mom saying "Oh honey, I'm sorry I made you go pick up your bike!".......hmmm, if that had been back in my day she would have barked "Well, that's what you get for leaving your bike out.

I have a brother that literally still drop kicks me when we're partying.....I laugh at him now way more than I did as a kid.....and although we rarely find much nice to say about each other, we have a bond that could never be broken. We STILL compare how many gifts each of us get at Christmas, who mom and dad likes most....and who scored higher on their SAT's. We won't outgrow it EVER I don't think....and truth is, it is comical and I don't want to outgrow it! He has a wife who is like my own sister and two kiddos that I could not adore more. Although chaotic, Love and Laughter is what keeps our family going and I don't ever look for that tie to be broken!


Cindy said...

Kids do say the funniest things. Daniel told me one day "I don't want to get old like mama. I want to stay brown."
Love all the pics!

The Gidcumbs said...

LaRissa is funny! Kids never fail to amaze me though. You guys look like you had fun. Glad I got to hang out with you last night. Can't wait to do it again.

Susan Warren said...

A wonderful family to grow up in!

Doverhill Darlings said...

I love the pic up top of your mom. Does she know you posted that???lol

Lana said...

Love the picture of Aunt Sally!
Looks like you had a fun time with the family. The weather was so nice over the weekend.