Thursday, March 5, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday - Fav pic in Feb!

Thanks to for this week's theme of "Favorite Foto of February"

Well, we all know I could never just pick one....then on top of that a challenge for black and white! So...some of mine are, some aren't and some are sepia! So I covered all my bases. February went by so quick, as we had so much going on with wedding, vacations, etc. there was no way I could pick just I picked several that had meaning!

Hop on over to Kiss the Frog to see more "Favorite February Fotos"

Don't forget to take one of my "Walk by Faith" Photography Blinkies in the upper right hand corner! Yeah, it is almost complete, aside from teens right now! This weekend that will be done! I'm so happy and thank you so much for your support, business has been great!


Hannah said...

Great pictures! Love the wedding shots, those are beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

Taylor family said...

I couldn't choose just one either! I especially like the one of the two little ones standing by the log with their backs to the camera.
Have a great Friday!

Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

GREAT pictures Misty ... your girls are beautiful! THanks for sharing so many great photos of your February ... Have a great weekend!

Rebekah and the girls!

Vanessa said...

You got some really great shots!!

Melinda said...

Great pictures! Its always hard to just choose one!


Cindy said...

Great pics!

The two toddlers at the pond could not be any cuter! It looks like it should be a poster or smethin. Adorable.

Kim & Dave said...

What great pictures!

Jen's Design Shop said...

Of course my vote is for our two cuties at the waterfall!!