Monday, March 23, 2009

Lyza's Easter Photo Bloopers!

I had a full day again yesterday with Spring Photos! Wow....what a job! THANKS Amanda for helping Chris and I out!!!

I have lots of photos to post of cuties I did yesterday......there are some GREAT ones!! However, today since I am so busy organizing them all, Ithought I would just post a few of Lyza's bloopers! Well, I think her bloopers are even cute! She is such a funny baby!!! I missed her so much while she was gone that whole 24 hrs!!! When she came home she just put her head on my shoulder and kept saying, "I missed you mommy, I missed you mommy" and she was glued to my hip all night.....literally, for the first time EVER she slept with me!!

Enjoy these photos and there will be more to come....however, they will be uploaded to my photography website soon!


Vanessa said...

LOL!! I think you might have a little dramam queen on your hands!

Doverhill Darlings said...

Those outfits are beautiful!!! Ur pics are sooo good.

Heather said...

Her dresses are adorable and if these are the bloopers cant wait to see the others these are so cute!!

Becky said...

LOVE the photos on the potty! Such a creative idea - haven't seen any other photographers with THAT prop!?! Te he hee

Truthfully though the picture with Lyza standing on the bridge just oozes her personality. Too cute!

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

Well....she REALLY did have to go to the potty and actually went!!! Yeah!!! Easter dress and middle of photo shoot or not....if she said she had to go, I was going to let her sit on the pot!!! LOL!