Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas at GG and Grandpa's!

Madz and Lyza

Maddy and Great Grandma Schuh

Christopher and his Mama'

Madz and Mama'

Chris and Lyza.....Brian and Lia

Mama and her girls.....something must have been funny to Lyza!

Our Family with Grandpa Wade

The Melvin Clan!
Misty, Madisyn, Lyza, Chris, Brian, Lia, Christine, Lilly

Lyza took this picture: Daddy and Great Aunt Pam!

Christopher and Grandpa Wade

Lyza....digging into the Gifts!! She is so fun to watch this year!

Grandpa and Lia with the new Patrol Cars....notice Lyza hiding from hers in the back! She's scare of it....weird child, I think we are going to have to exchange ours...she is just not going to warm up to it!!

Lia likes hers!

Lyza's Madame Alexander doll that looks JUST like her....I love this doll!!!

Maddy opening gifts!
I guess there is no way I can "snag" this purse since it is personalized.....

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