Friday, December 11, 2009

Lyza Meets Santa - Upcoming Happenings!

Today started off great....I had a full body massage at "Simply Massage" across from Madisyn's school at 8 am, I am not a morning person, but I can be for a relaxing massage. I kinda jump massage places waiting to find just the right person....and I think I found her ! YIPPEE! She was great and I left feeling like a million bucks. I got home....took Lyza to the mall to eat, then go see Santa, then to play at the playplace. Last on our list was the Carousel Horses....she loves those and tends to want to stay on many, many times! Ugg......She did great with Santa....(as you can tell). I was so pleased...because we will see Santa twice this weekend and then on Christmas Day as well! It was so much fun....just a nice playdate out with Lyza. We originally went to get her a Christmas Dress at "Once Upon a Child", but by the time we left the mall she was screaming to go back in....the normal tantrum that I was not going to live out again in another store, so we headed home.....I put her down for a nap and got ready for the wedding shoot I had to do tonight. It was all very low key, BEAUTIFUL BRIDE....HANDSOME GROOM and very simple, yet elegant. Dinner at Cambridge was great also! So all in all........I think we all had a wonderful day!!! We put Lyza's picture in a snowglobe that plays music and I certainly do wish she'd quit trying to carry it around!!

Tomorrow I am going to work with the girls on a craft project that Maddy's Nana sent them to do. We will also make a Gingerbread house (hope Chris makes it through this year, he's had anger issues in the past with the Gingerbread houses)....then we are going to the "Festival of Lights " and taking a tour through the ones at the 4H Center and will end with seeing Santa again. Sunday we will head to church, then Chris and Madisyn will get to work on finishing the trim and baseboards in the house that still has to be done since putting in our hardwood floors!

Busy Busy week ahead of us, I have two in depth dr. appts on Monday and Tuesday....then on Wednesday I am meeting Bcky, Juliana and Amaya for story-time with Santa.....then lunch....then cookie decorating!!!!! I leave right after that to go to Indianapolis for three days to care for my nieces, Lia and Lilly! Thursday night Christine, Chrissy and I are going out to dinner, so I am very excited.

I'll get home on Friday night....then on Saturday we will have Christmas with Chris' mom and stepdad. Sunday morning will be our Christmas with Madisyn ( and some for Lyza of course!!). Then my mom and dad will be coming down to celebrate with the girls....Then we will do the Melvin side Christmas that afternoon or evening with all of us there!

Madisyn's Nana and Pop will be here on the 20th from Wyoming and staying overnight with us!! They leave on the 21st to drive her to Pennsylvania for Christmas!

We will head to my mom and dads for Christmas day......then the day after, we are hopefully leaving for Florida to go visit my cousin Sandy. Ironic thing.....I told my mom we were going and she was like, well so are we. They are going to my uncles and I am going to his grandaughters who lives about 5 min away! This is all dependent upon Chris not having to go into work during his shutdown. I am super excited to see them (my family in Florida!), I miss them so very much!

Blessings to you and hope you week/weekends aren't as full as mine right now!

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