Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What have we been up to???

Nothing would be the answer to that........I woke up really sick on Saturday morning, and so did Maddy. She pulled through ok, me....not so much, I'm a wimp. She had her first indoor soccer game on Saturday evening.......I'm almost glad I didn't go, they got whoooped 18-2 (now...in their defense these are 11,12,13 yr old girls who were playing 16 yr olds who just happened to be the best team in the State of KY and Madisyn said a lot of them had scholarships already). I have been pretty much laying around for 3-4 days doing NOTHING....yes, I'm bored but do not have the energy to go anywhere! Happens....

On a better note, I think Lyza is pottytrained....YEAH, PTL! What a struggle it has been. But she goes all day, stays dry and asked to go potty a thousand times today because she likes to wash her hands like a big girl!!! So I am very happy for that!!


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Becky said...

YIPPEE!! Doing the "happy dance" for Lyza!!

Hope your feel better soon.