Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Going on Vacation.......well, sorta!

I am going on vacation....sort of! My brother and sister in law have a new home and I am going to stay for a few days with them to watch my nieces, Lia and Lilly! I am so excited to get them all to myself for a few days.....(well, GG is going also!)..I love watching Lia and Lyza interact with each other at this age. I told Lyza tonight we were going and she said instantly ...."So I have to share the toys"...I said yes, you have to share the toys!! I am also going to meet up for dinner with my friend Chrissy (she and Christine are friends also) and we are going out to dinner! I'm excited.....I am sure I will have LOTS of photos to post in a few days when I return!!

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