Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning with Madisyn/Louisa

We had Christmas morning with Madisyn and Lyza a bit early this year....on Sunday 12-20-09 to be exact! It was just as wonderful as the actual "Christmas Morning".....I think Madisyn got all her heart desired and of course, when our children are happy, so are we! My mom and daddy came down on Sunday morning also to watch the girls open their gifts, and receive their gifts from the girls. It was a wonderful morning and I love seeing Maddy's face when she gets something she's not expecting....and Lyza this year was a real hoot, as she said "OH MY GOSH" after just about every gift she opened at each and every holiday gathering we went to! Madisyn's large gift from us this year was an Ipod Touch that Chris preprogrammed for her and had already put some game sand such on it (I don't know that much about I really cannot say what all he did!). We then got ready for church and my parents went with us, which was a real treat....the girls looked beautiful in their Christmas outfits (though Madisyn's changed to an outfit she received from Nonny!). I didn't get a single picture of them together all spiffed up either, but don't worry....mama' will replay the morning and do another photo shoot :-)) The afternoon was topped off with lunch wiht my parents afterwards......then we headed off to Chris' father's house where we STARTED to celebrate, but Lyza got sick and vomited (outside luckily) and we had to take her home. Once Maddy's Nana and Pop arrived, they returned and had dinner with Chris' parents and Lyza was much better after a few more sick spells and a few more baths! We had a wonderful day surrounded with the ones we love most, and celebrating the birth of Jesus at "Jesus' House", as Lyza calls it! Enjoy the photos below!

Our tree after Santa arrived...hmmm, he forgot to leave anything! LOL!

The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care........
View of our tree with the flash on....again, see how Santa forgot to leave anything???

Sissies playing "SURPRISE" in the box that my new "toybox" coffee table came in from my Mother and Father in law...Mark and Ginny! How convenient it was for Lyza to open her gifts and just place them in the toybox! Thanks Mark and Ginny.......that along with my new wood floors from my mom and dad....WOW what a treat, we are so blessed! We needed nothing, but oh how nice it is to get something you do actually want/need at the same time! are seeing this tree correctly.....umm, Papa Chris' idea and I don't think Maddy noticed until my mom and/or dad pointed it out! She said...."I don't care"...but removed them pretty darn quickly!!! ha!

Lyza with one of her new baby dolls, she got so many dolls this year and I just LOVED...yes I, I, I just loved them! :-))) I still love baby dolls, Lyza and I feed, play, change and treat them like little babies!

Daddy helping Lyza....though she didn't really need much help this year, just reding the nametags....she wanted to open EVERYONES gifts...not just hers! :-))

Madisyn getting her Ipod touch!

Madisyn with her new boots from Nonny and Paw and boy do they look sharp on her.......and, they are my size! :-)

Madisyn w/her Ipod!

Lyza's morning it??? It was totally flat on one side! :-)

Madisyn opening a manicure/pedicure giftcard! Just what every 13 yr old needs....but we sure do have fun on these mother/daughter outings when they happen!

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