Monday, February 8, 2010

All about Madisyn.......

  • This week in honor of Valentine's Day coming up.....I am going to post each day things I am thankful for and LOVE :-) Today....we are focusing on Madisyn! My firstborn.... one of the most beautiful, talented, thoughtful, loving and considerate teenagers I know. She is blessed with so many wonderful friends and a love for God that I am so very proud of! She's an angel.....always has been, always will be! I thank God ever single day for "lending" her to me to raise here on this Earthly adventure we call "Life". What a blessing she is to our family and to all those that she comes in contact with....what a true example she is to her peers and her little sister. We are so very proud of you Madisyn.... don't ever forget that!

    "Blessed Are The Teens"
    Who look past "style" to what's inside,
    for they will always have the right "look".

    Who stand up for what's right,
    for they follow in the footsteps of the "Master".

    Who are not full of themselves,
    for they will be filled with "God-ness".

    Who keep mind and body pure,
    for they will know the beauty of true love.

    Who know it's worth more to be
    "kindom heirs" than "millionaires"
    For the kingdom of Heaven is "theirs"

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