Sunday, February 7, 2010

SuperBowl Sunday!!!

  • I'm not so much into SuperBowl Sunday....or even football for that matter, but must admit it is a bit more exciting when the team that your family roots for IS in the superbowl! Therefore, Idid deck out in my Colts Jammies....and dressed up like the rest of the family and even had my nails done in Colts attire! (I thought this would surely lighten the mood that I knew my husband would be in when I walked through the door with a shorter hair cut! :-) Chris and Madisyn love to cook for Sunday football games and this Sunday was no exception..... just an excuse to further the cooking agenda! We had BBQ lil' smokies.... Colts Cupcakes (and I even added plates and napkins to match).... cheese fries.... sugar cookies made from scratch with icing and valentine sprinkles.... chips and homemade dip...Bratwurst....and an assortment of chocolates and candies! :-))

  • I loved in the beginning of the superbowl when they sang the National Anthem..... little Lyza got straight up off the couch and stood at attention with her little hand over her heart (No, I didn't catch it on film...dang)...but needless to say, the rest of us stood up and joined right in! She learned this from the assortment of various sports that Madisyn is in...... Bless her I know she is paying attenion and more than ever, realize she is watching our every move! How precious!
  • What an awesome day we had...... it started off with church, taking Madisyn's friend Devon home from a great sleepover, heading to the pet store to buy Lauren a frog for her birthday (yes...a real one, teeny tiny too...oh so cute....we made it the cutest little aquarium too!)....followed by shopping for what seemed like forever for the perfect food for the week and for the game......and ending with family time at home snuggled in front of a cozy fire! God is Good!

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Vanessa said...

Sorry for your loss, but I still love ya honey!! It was a BLACK AND GOLD SUPER BOWL all the way!! Cute pics!