Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Friends........

"Hooper" is the the girls Valentine gift this year! He fit into our family just perfect...he is very gentle with Lyza...and resembles her some, look at that hair!!! Madisyn adores him (she has had Guinea Pigs before and even had a litter at one time), they do make great pets and we look forward to adding him or her to our brood! He is a funny looking guy.....and he was given the name "Hooper" because on PBS there is a little guinea pig who reads to the children and his name is "Hooper", so Lyza immediately started calling him that and it stuck. I'll have to tell you a funny story about his pick up later!

What would Valentine's Day be without FRIENDS! Those we have come to cherish, those who lift us up when we are feeling down, who inspire us to dream, who dare us to dream, and then lend a shoulder when our dreams just don't turn out right! Friends are priceless and I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life...who have stuck by me through thick and thin, during my good times and my bad times......and just held on, even when I was at my worst! Thank you my dear "friends", there are many... My photos and list of friends could go on forever, but I am limited to you know who you are and I am very sorry I could not fit everyone in here, but seriously, without you I wouldn't have made it through my darkest days without your uplifting spirit, kindness and understanding!!

Some people come into our lives
and leave footprints on our hearts
and we are never ever the same
~ unknown

Misty and Chrissy

My bestest friend..... and hubby!

Misty and Cindy

Becky....Juliana and Amaya

Lyza, Juliana and Amaya.....

Misty and Jennifer - My long distance friend that I keep in contact with daily! What an uplift we are to each other on those "down days"!!!

Madisyn, Misty, Kathy and Lauren


My Volleyball Girls.....also Madisyn's friends!

Madisyn and Lauren

Madisyn and Lauren

Lyza, Mya, Anson and Luca

Madz and LoLo
Collage of Madisyn's Friends......the best!
Louisa and Olivia
Misty and Lynette
Misty and Lynette....with our girls (our paybacks!!), Olivia and Lyza.....
Misty and Amanda
Madisyn and Tori.....Long Distance Friends......which just makes being friends that much greater!!!
Gabe and Lyza....... Tori and Maddy's little Guatemala Siblings!!!

They live in Georgia and we see them about once a year, but talk daily!

Madisyn and friends from 5th grade!!!

Madisyn, Emmalee and Cera -5th Grade

Madisyn and friends a few years ago at her birthday party (11 yrs old maybe?)

Madisyn and Friends..... Lauren, Chelsea, Madisyn, Ashley, Kimber

I wanted to share my girls' friends as well....which are equally important! Friends who are in our lives for many, many years, just a short period of time, or only as an acquaintenance can impact our lives forever! What awesoeme friends my girls have....and I am blessed mostly to have their mother as friends of mine as well! Lyza is really taking off with wonderful friends as you can see.....and Madisyn, she has had the same group of friends for the most part since moving to Evansville, and they are very blessed to have each other! They are a wonderful group of girls. She also still stays in contact with friends she has to leave behind in Bedford, IN when we moved and we invite them to see us about once a year in the summer, and my how they grow each year. Again, she is blessed with so many friends and I am sure she is at her father's as well. Lyza has started off young having so many close friends.....yeah, and praise the Lord for that! What a wonderful group of friends God has chosen for each member of my family.....including Chris. He has awesome, uplifting, funny friends as well!


Becky said...

Awwwww, Misty! You are so sweet! I really need you to take a better family picture of us though.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

Anytime just let me know and I'll be ready for you! I'm pretty sure I won't be as bad as the one who just did Lyza's....LOL! Easter is coming up, we can do them with you in their Easter dresses! I don't think any live animals this year, aside from the two baby goats and "Hooper" the guinea pig...and one rabbit we have for photos! xoxxo Happy Valentines Day!