Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best Weekend Ever???

The last few days were nearly perfect!!! Yesterday I slept the entire day thanks to my mother in law and father in law who kept was a much needed rest and Lyza came home around 6:30 pm, and went to bed at 8:30 pm....or so I thought. After I caught up on some laundry, dishes, etc and decided I was going back to bed.....she was still awake, so I let her lay in bed with from the photos below you can see she was coloring, reading, etc. That is exactly how daddy found her when he got home. So she was up until almost 2 am! She slept in pretty good for us today, so that helped.

I got up and picked Madisyn up from Laurens house then headed to Devons house to pick her up, then headed over to The Women's Hospital to see Amanda, Jonathan and Baby Cole before going to Madisyn's indoor soccer game at Metro. Photos are below. Cole was such a little guy.....and although we didn't get to stay real was long enough that I got to hold him AND they let Madisyn go back also, so she got to hold him. That made her day!!! We then headed to Metro Indoor for Maddy's soccer game. They played against all boys and must say...."Kicked Butt". Kathy, Lauren, Chris and Lyza met us there to watch her game.......which we won and Maddy scored 2 goals.....Way to go Girl!

Kathy, Lauren, Madisyn, Devon and I went to the movies to watch "Dear John".....of course we were not allowed to sit wtih our kids.....uggg! It was a really good movie and I am in the midst of reading Nickolas Sparks newest Book, which is also going to be a movie and the teenage daughter is played by Miley I am really looking forward to finishing that book and seeing the movie when it comes out!

After the movies I went and got my nails painted in Colts Colors....and had horseshoes put on each of my ring fingers with a diamond and also on my big toes with diamonds. I'm not so much into football, but anything for my dear sweet hubby...and anything for a cute nail polish get up! LOL!!! Hey...whatever makes him happy right?? I figured I had to redeem myself somehow after I came home with the "Haircut".... LOL! What a sweetie he was to spend the day alone with Lyza and his Nanna so that I could spend the day alone with "the gals" and then just Madisyn. It is important to have that one on one time with them at this age....even if it is just browsing the mall and having a cheap dinner together, trying on fun clothes we know we can't buy.....etc!! Those memories will last forever!

From there I took the girls to the Mall to eat and browse around where I got a 20 minute massage(had a giftcard).....felt good, as I had a headache....headache was no more after that! Yeah......then the most dramatic thing I did was chop my hair off....yes, you can really tell this time. The back moreso than the front. Photos are at the top of this blog. Sometimes change is good.....and since Chris and I have been trying to change so much with the way we live, look at/view things/people/our God.......a little bit of change in our physical life is not a bad thing either I don't think. Now....if he goes and dyes his hair with blue streaks, that goes a little above and beyond......LOL, and of course, you did see the photos in a previous blog didn't you where HIS nails were blue???? haha! We try to keep things interesting around here!! And seriously....nothing would surprise me. That is what I love about our marriage and our family....we are always on the go, we delight in silly things...and it would take a whole lot to surprise one another.!!! The quotes... "Live...Laugh Often...Love Much" ...."Families ARE Everything" and "Dare to Dream" mean a lot in this home......and if you stop and really think about those words....I hope they mean a lot in your home as well!

Have a great SuperBowl Sunday and may God keep you and yours safe!!!

Maddy as a goalkeeper?? Cute....

Baby Cole Alexander

Look at those sweet cheeks.....

Madisyn and Baby Cole

Lyza up in Daddy's Spot....WAY past her bedtime!

Lyza reading her "Gerald and Piggy" book..... her favorite right now! She knows it word for word!

Hmmm, she acts JUST like her Daddy!!

Madisyn and Lyza's Fingerpainting Artwork..... I intend to cut pieces from them to frame in our room along with other collected "artwork"!

Lyza at Madisyn's Basketball Game...... a little tired??!!

Madisyn at the Central Bears Game awaiting her recognition!

Madisyn and Lauren at the Central H.S. Game

Madisyn K. #12

Lyza and buds!

Madisyn in her Thompkins Jets Dance Outfit..... just after dancing at the game!

Best of Friends
Jenny, Misty, Kathy


Becky said...

LOVE the hair! Sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend!!

The Gidcumbs said...

That is such a cute baby! HAHA. We will get together soon so you can take pics before he changes too much. Wehave appt. on Wed and Thur afternoons this week.