Saturday, February 13, 2010

Early Valentines!

We had an early Valentines today and sorry to report, I have no photos to post! I know, you are shocked! We have had such a busy day traveling and doing things tonight that I just do not have the time or energy to download......

  • Madisyn and Lauren cooked dinner for us.....then we opened gifts early because we are getting up early and heading to Paoli Peaks to go tubing, then to the indoor water park in French Lick. All that in one day and I should not only be good and worn out, but sore!! :0) My friend Kathy (Lauren's mama) is driving up to join us for the day!
  • My girls got a few gifts from us tonight (last night was their big gift....the guinea pig "Hooper"...and they all got roses (including Lauren) from Chris, and we all got chocolate covered strawberries that Chris had made from a candy shop that his friend owns in Vincennes...."Charlies Candy Store"...(highly recommended for all occassions!). I got roses also, and a nice new diamond wedding set! Chris proposed six years ago....and I guess he thought it was time I had a new ring..... I love it and was absolutely stunned by it! I won't tell what I got him, it is just what he always wanted though (ha) and shame on me for contributing to his unhealthy habits at times!! Tomorrow is our gift to the family by going tubing at Paoli and to the waterpark! What fun that will be...... My cousin, Dusty, is keeping Lyza while we go tubing....then she is meeting us at the waterpark to drop her off so she can join in the fun! Thank you in advance Dusty...I know you will have a blast with her! She's very entertaining as you know! We are then heading to my grandfathers and Miss Judy's to drop off their goodies......then my friend Lynette is coming over to bake cookies and cupcakes....and decorate them! We usually do all the baking, but Lyza and Olivia will be a big help this year in decorating them! :-)
  • We intend to be up bright and early to have pink pancakes with chocolate chips...and then hit the road by 9 am (which is 8 am our time.....and I am soooo not a morning person!). So....I will leave you all with wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day.....take the time to repeat as many times as possible to the ones that you love.....that you love them! It can never be said enough!
  • I will surely have photos to post tomorrow, some may not be very pretty....LOL, but I'll post them anyway! Much Love to All!

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