Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines my Valentine!

Happy Valentines to my one and only! What a fun filled day we had tubing at Paoli Peaks with Maidsyn, Lauren and my friend Kathy (who happens to be Lauren's mama' :-) The three hour pass seemed to fly by, but we got more than our share of a workout and were exhuasted. We then went to pick Lyza up from my cousin Dusty.....thanks Dutch for keeping her...and I hope she kept you equally as entertained! (if you have pic's, email them to me). I went with Kathy to pick Lyza up after we went tubing while Chris went ahead to mom and dads to load up our stuff.......Kathy took PuppyBear Macey and "Hooper" back to Evansville to our home for us! :-))) Bet she had an experience filled trip home. Actually...the pup, and the guinea pig like each other, it is cute!!!

We are now in Washington overnight and have been swimming all night and laying in the hot tub. We made a few runs to Walmart for girlie things like fingernail polish, arts and crafts stuff.....etc! We went to Ponderosa for our V-day dinner, which I might add was delicious and we were ALL stuffed to the max! The girls and I went back to the pool late to swim laps, while Chris got Lyza down to bed....... what a fun filled, fun packed day we had!

Madisyn also bought me a bouquet of tulips, which surprised me. So very pretty red ones! We also have separate hotel rooms......the girls got to feel like BIG GIRLS and have a room next to us....while Chris and I get a Valentine Break :-)) Lots of photos to come tomorrow of anything and everything that happened over the weekend.....some, you may not want to miss!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Days! Love and Blessings to all!

I also will add that it was THIS day, 6 yrs ago that Chris slipped that beautiful ring on my finger at nearly midnight, just before V-day got away from us!!! We were married 3 mos later and we (ok, I) haven't regretted a minute of it! He is me...and to our children. What a blessing he is to us all....and to me! My life fills so complete (cliche' I know....but oh so true)! This year for V-day I got a NEW wedding set, set in silver that looks nothing like the original, because my original that I wanted was a past, present, future ring.....and now I have a ring for my past, my present and my future......and a new beautiful silver wedding set as well!

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Guatmama said...

What a great Vday! And show us the bling!!!