Monday, May 9, 2011

And a good time was had by all......

My mom said I need to wear eye liner on my eyelids to make my eyes look bigger.....ummm I don't think I need any help mama'! :-)

These photos will speak for themselves! Everyone in our family had a wonderful Mothers Day! Madisyn called me at 6:15 am......and that is ok, I will take a call from her at any hour! We went up to my mom and dads for the day, I got to spend some time with my best friends and their moms (Lynette and Sharon ... Andrea and Marlene)....always a treat and much needed laughs for me. We ended the day visiting Chris' mom and had a good visit! It was a busy, busy day but OH SO WORTH IT!

Mothers Day Gift from Madisyn! Gray/White Vera Wang Scarf and Heart Necklace! I love it.... she had left it from when she was home a few weeks ago and had it hid under her dresser :-)

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Anonymous said...

What big eye's you have lol

love me