Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday 5/19/75- 2011

LyzaFaith and I went to have lunch together today before school/work for my birthday! What a treat. I came into work to find the sign below with all my kiddos handprints (with a little help from Ms. Judy and Ms. Kristie :-) I got lots of goodies and it was such a blessing to hear "happy birthday" from all my coworkers (they baked me a cake too)...... I truly am blessed to be working with and for such great people. They really do get me through my tough days!! Thanks gals!!

Chris picked me up from work while his Nanna watched Lyza and we went to Logan's and I had lobster and steak...... yum! In laws came by last night for birthday wishes and goodies (thanks so much!)

And I received by courier the prettiest floral hanging basket from Jennifer all the way in Atlanta!!!! I will take pics of it in the daylight tomorrow to post them! Thanks Jen....very unncessary, but very much appreciated. It is hard to find good friends folks, I am blessed by many. So when you find someone to walk with you through thick and thin, hang on tight to that dear friend!!!!! xoxooxxo

I hope you have all had a blessed birthday!

From Madisyn.... I'm not sure she realizes what paybacks are! :-)

Gracie on DuckGuard....she looks pretty tense about it!


Lyza and ducky (getting big aren't they?)

See the duck, See Gracie licking her chops???? DINNER!

Daddy handing over a duck to Lyza!

One of the ducks..... I can't keep track of who is!

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