Saturday, May 28, 2011

Loonnnggg Week!

Daddy went outside to discover that Lyza had pulled off all the leaves of his strawberry plants to make "BLANKETS" for the flowers that she pulled off one of the flower arrangements!!! :-) she has an imagination!!

It has been a pretty long week.... ok, a really long week. Tuesday I had my follow up with my cardiologist and he made an appt within 2 hrs with a specialist for my heart. I had to get ahold of Chris at work so he could come and take me. I am not supposed to drive for at least 6 mos (snicker!). Anyway we were given three different options.....and for now, I am taking three cardiac medicines that, as suspected have really knocked me on my butt. Literally the passing out has been terrible...anywhere from 2-5 times per day since Wednesday. I could not work Wed or Thurs.... however I went in on Friday from 11-3, which ironically was my worst day so far. I have pretty much just tried to sleep while on the new meds....however, with the storms, tornadoes, etc that have gone through, I have had to be awake some. I got home from work yesterday and slept until 7 am this morning and I am actually feeling much, much better. The dr. said it would take 48+ hrs to get it in my system and get over the side effects.

On Tuesday I will find out what day my surgery is scheduled for. They will go in through my leg, up to my heart and try to find the problem points and will sever/burn the ends of those arteries and/or nerves. They said it could be up to a 4 hr plus surgery. It is a bit I am pretty nervous and unsure about it! I will just ask for prayers in the meantime! Normally you have to stay awake for this surgery, just under a sedative but not fully asleep. However since they are anticipating mine to be so long they are arranging for an anesthesiologist and to put me on a breathing machine. Sounds like a lot of fun, huh? yep, just how I had hoped to spend my summer!!

Well, since I am feeling better today I am going to help Chris with storm clean up. We have several trees that were split that we need to cut down, numerous tree limbs everywhere.....I won't overdo it.... but the next few days are supposed to be hot, hot!!! So....pool is going up today and we are cleaning up today as well.


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