Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Recap

Busy, Busy weekend! It was gorgeous out on Saturday so we took full advantage of the entire day! We decided to "grow" our ducks up this year... (lol) we have moved them outdoor, built them their own little pond, ramps to go in and out of their hutch, etc. We had a lot of fun doing it and loved watching them swim for the first time..... so cute watching them dry off and shaking those little butts and wings! Sunday was full of rain, and they say rain is "for the ducks" but I ran to put mine in the hutch and keep them dry. I guess I am a complete different version of the orginal "farmers daughter"! Oh well :-) We had a pretty darn lazy day on Sunday after church (I got sick right after church.....kinda strange)...anyways, good rainy sleepy day!

Bird Dog Guarding the ducks??? or..... waiting til' nightfall to make her move? Actually....she is protecting them and fought off our other dog cause it got to close to the pen..... stranger things have happened I guess! (LIKE GAS PRICES at 4.00/gal????????)

Lyza with Macey after Maceys haircut! :-)

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