Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Children are a gift from God, and they should never be looked at otherwise!

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding and heartbreaking jobs in the world! Their triumphs and joys are OUR triumphs and joys.... their trials and tribulations are OUR trials and tribulations. There is no other job I find more important or would rather do.... I will take it all...good days, bad days, teen days, toddler days, bad hair days, hormonal days....every bit, I will take with a smile on my face! (through gritting my teeth and biting my tongue sometimes :-)

My girls are a joy...they are my world.

Madisyn Ronelle - Soon to be 15 (I cannot even believe I typed that, I am going to go cry now). The best big sister any little girl could ask for...Straight A Student, Excels at ANY sport she tries and does...awesome little singer and dancer! I just love, love, love this girls heart and compassion towards others. She is going to be an outsstanding young citizen someday and society will be a better place for her place in this world!

Louisa Faith Anay - A true hand picked gift from God. I have a feeling that my grandmother is laughing pretty hard from heaven watching me try to fix this childs hair each day! :-) She is a bright little one with LOTS to say, along with being smart, funny and just a pure joy to be around. Her personality shines with radiance and she brightens anyones day who may cross her path! A true miracle to our family that we all cherish. A special thank you to her biological mother this Mothers Day for loving her enough to entrust our family to raise her child. A pure act of selfless love.

This Mothers Day I am not only thankful for my wonderful mother that I have learned from and leaned on so much in my life, but thankful that she taught me how to be a good mother......and I am just truely thankful to be a mother. There is nothing in this world that is more rewarding! It takes special women to be to each of you, Happy Mothers Day!

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