Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday I had to drive by the flooded soccer fields.... I cried. Today on my way to work I realized I forgot to put on my "mother" necklace that Madisyn has the other link to that says "daughter" and I cried. Tonight I came home and some of her clothing was in the pile to be folded... a few tears fell.

Don't ever take one single day, hour, or minute with your children for granted. I miss this girl like no one could even fathom. People are easy to tell me not to worry and such.... it is not so much that I am worried, is in that I miss her! Tell me of a mother who wouldn't miss her soon to be 15 yr old daughter who is three states away and I will openly and willingly tell you the mother is not in her right mind.

I miss Madisyn....especially since Mother's Day is a few days away, this is my first mothers day without her, EVER! So while I will try to keep my emotions in check, celebrate with Lyza and my own mother.....I'm still not making any solid promises to anyone!

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