Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dreary Wednesday........

What a dreary Wednesday!!

Madisyn came into my room at 6 am this morning and told me we had a "visitor"....she then drug Lyza into my room by her arm, all the while...Lyza barking like a dog. Imagine that! Since I am so sluggish in the mornings, Maddy just put her on the couch to watch cartoons. I got up at 6:30 to get breakfast ready and see Maddy off on the bus. Lyza told me "Sissy is gone now, I tired but I want juice". So she crawled back in her bed, asked for juice and slept until 10:30!! I'll take that over an afternoon nap anytime...since I need the extra time in the mornings for sleep and cause I hurt so darn bad!!!

I only have a few days to get prepared for my weekend photo sessions.....I always get excited to see the kiddos! I may also try to make a trip home on Saturday evening so the kids can go on the church hayride with mom, dad, LaRissa and Brydon.........while I hang out with the crew at Woody's!!


Madisyn, Misty, Kathy, Lauren
Madisyn and Lauren

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