Monday, October 12, 2009

Perfect Sunday at the Louisville Zoo

What an awesome day at the zoo we was a beautiful Sunday afternoon...and we had a ton of fun! Below are many photos from our day! After sleeping in late....we took our time, then headed to the zoo. We arrived back at our hotel to find that Lyza had a big girl bed in the room and the small baby crib was taken out! Night one didn't go so well. She was as big as the crib, but still wouldn't sleep with mommy and daddy despite that! She slept in the big girl bed all night last night and we ALL slept in until 11 am this morning!!!!!! Unreal....but oh how refreshing! Last night we went to dinner at Red Lobster and went to the Bass Pro Shop. Something all in one day that each of us enjoy! We bought the game "Elefun" for Lyza and we had fun playing with that last night, then I also got her a 2.00 flashlight (we are in the must go to bed with a flashlight stage, it's kinda funny!)......but it has different attachments to it and it shines different things on the ceiling......that put her right to sleep!

Today Maddy arrives in a couple of hours. We will then head home to all our critters!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Lyza at one of the playgrounds at the zoo!

Mama and Lyza

Mama and Lyza Faith

The beautiful Lions!

Ooohhhhh, Paw would like this bucket of Popcorn!!

Actually, I got to see my dad at the zoo. It was nice to run into him!

Mama Misty

Daddy trying to get the fish to bite his hand (through the glass! dork!)

Daddy is NOT the size of a gorilla!

Mama getting a foot massage...... :-) Pampering at the zoo even!

Miss Lyza in the hay/pumpkin patch at the zoo!

Took this picture for my mama....I know she'll want it framed for Christmas!

Lyza is taking after Daddy....starting her rock climbing already! She's good too!


Mama Misty

Mommy and Daddy

Mommy, Daddy and Louisa

Mama and Lyza on the Komodo Dragon

Daddy and Lyza on the Komodo Dragon

Lyza kissing the Gingerbread man

Daddy and Lyza looking at animals

Pretty Girl....Pretty Eyes

Time to enter the zoo!

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