Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where have I been? Good question.....busy is all I can say! We have had some very nice fall weather the last few weeks, wrapped up both volleyball and soccer season......now on to travel volleyball and dance to last throughout the winter!
We had a great time at the pumpkin patch on Sunday....I took a ton of photos, I really liked the ones of Chris and his 80 and 60 lb pumpkins he cut....but you probably will never see them.....as I went to download them yesterday, took the laptop outside, got everything ready to download them....had to run inside for one second, came back and my memory chip was GONE! I want to just vomit...I had some awesome photos on there. Not sure if Miss Lyza snatched it and dropped it somewhere or what, but we've been searching for it for two days now....even out in the rain searching this morning. I do hope it turns up........
Below are some photos over the last few weeks...I have many more to post and will try to do better about posting this week since I am not running everywhere after school with volleyball and soccer. We are busy planning Lyza's third birthday party and getting ready for Maddy's annual fall party. I made her downsize her friends this year....as they are at the age they just eat us out of house and home and I can't afford it!!!!!! I hope to get in a few good camping weekends before winter hits......hope that we have time!
Hope everyone is doing well. After battling a few illnesses amongst all of us in our family, I think we are back on the path to being healthy again! Yeah!!!

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Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you're doing well!! Things have been crazy around here as I prepare for the last shipment to Guatemala before my mission trip in Dec. so I'm still behind of blogs:(