Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WEDNESDAY......Love this fall weather!

What a beautiful day out!! I am sitting outside under my favorite tree.....watching Lyza act like a puppy...and enjoying the morning. No memory chip has been found I"m still boo-hooing over that! I'll get over it eventually, well...maybe! I had so many great pic's stored on there from the pumpkin just makes me sick.
I am picking Madisyn and Lauren up from school today and going straight to the gym with them....they want to practice basketball in the gym while I take my nightly swim. My muscles are so tight and achy! I have slept wonderfully the last four nights with ZILCH medicine! That is amazing for me....unheard of even! We are then heading to the Fall Festival....this will be my first time EVER going. I'm not real thrilled about it.....but Chris and I are taking the girls and I am sure I will enjoy it. That is IF...Lyza can stay in a decent mood!!!! She's at such a tough minute she's an angel.....the next like the devil. She can turn it on and off again so quickly!!
I have added a few photos from Gretchen and Kyler's wedding......they haven't received theirs yet..but they are in the mail and on their I'm slowly going to start adding a few of my favorites!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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