Saturday, October 10, 2009

So....we had a lot of chaos on Thursday night!! We got to the airport and they told us that we had to go back to the terminal (not the check in counter) to get Madisyn's boarding pass because SWA overbooked the flight. She did NOT have a seat and did NOT get to go to her daddy's as planned. I was not happy, she wasn't happy and her dad wasn't happy. They overbooked by like 20 people. It was insane and crazy at the airport trying to get everyone taken care of. So...after much crying and craziness...(and a madwoman mama), they did put us up in a very nice hotel, put her out on a 2:20 flight the next day.....gave the cash back for her ticket and then some. Why was I in such a panic?? My husband is on nightshift and my 2 yr old was at home......he couldn't take off work because he had a guy out already and his mom was not feeling well, but we had no choice, so she and grandpa pitched in. Madisyn luckily had clothing in the car that I just happened to put there for camping on Sunday night when she was due home. So she had an extra outfit and a pair of pajama pants, but we had nothing else. The hotel really took care of us getting us the toiletries and such that we needed. We ordered room service, watched a lot of HGTV and played on the computer in the business center. I JUST happened to go out to my truck for some lotion that was in my tanning bag and there was a pair of Jammies that I had bought for Trish and was returning to Penny' I used them! The only thing we lacked was clean undies!!!!

On Friday her flight was delayed by 2 hrs, so that sent another panic cause Chris had to go back to work

by 5 pm, so I left after I found out her flight was on it's way and would land in 15 min, and just called her every 5 min to check on her. Luckily she made it and I made it home in time for him to go back to work. What a night....I didn't sleep well at the hotel, so I put Lyza to bed at 7 pm and I was in bed by 8 pm and neither of us got up until 9:15 am!!!!

We were supposed to go camping today.....I even had all our blankets, pillows, and other things in the truck already. However, we were all so tired that I just figured out another way to "get away" and enjoy ourselves without having Lyza out in the cold at night......... I decided to call the NICE hotel back and talk to the girl I had talked to and that had helped me while there....she said since I was coming back to get Madisyn, they would put me in at the displaced passenger fare!!! SO, Chris, Lyza and I are a huge King room and just relaxing. Lyza is already down for the night after a long evening of swimming, riding the elevator and dinner!!!

Tomorrow we are taking her to the Louisville zoo....then Madisyn will arrive in on Monday! My neighbors are keeping things are grand and we're sleeping in a nice comfy bed, vs the ground!! Though camping is our favorite thing to do (Chris and I camp between Christmas and New Year's), it isn't quite as fun with a 2 yr old, especially since I don't want her to get sick! So this worked out well!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Lyza (especially Jen)....but I only entered her three days before the deadline....I didn't realize that! Oh well...maybe we'll just buy tickets!

Have a great weekend!


Becky said...

What an adventure! Glad it all worked out and you are now having a relaxing weekend. Enjoy!

The Blog Cafe said...

OMG the cards all over the floor looks like something Gabe would do, except it would be organized in a line! Ha!

Glad things worked out for you to be warm and have relaxing time.

Sorry I didn't catch you online!

Love ya